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CVS HEALTH HUBS: 16 Completed – Locations included: MO, MA , CT, NH, MN, MI, KS –The scope of this project included the demo and remodel of the Minute Clinic waiting area and pharmacy waiting area. This included a demo of existing flooring, lighting, electrical, ceiling, and walls, as well as the installation of new waiting area, new flooring, ceiling, paint & wallpaper, trellis, lighting, electrical, low voltage, and millwork. Also included in the remodel was a new automated checkout, front checkout, and photo lab installations at the front of the store, a new consultation room as well as a wellness room for patients. New aisle markers, movement of gondolas, new carpet at checkout, pharmacy, vestibule, and LVT coolers as well as new signage throughout the store.

CVS/RX EXPANSION – The scope included a demo of the existing soffit at the pharmacy and construction of the new pharmacy soffit which included new paint and signage. The demo of the existing front line of the pharmacy included the pickup, drop-off, and consultation desks. Installation of the new millwork at the pickup, drop-off and consultation desks included new electrical. Lastly, a new carpet was installed and the re-arrangement of fixtures within the pharmacy. The overall goal was to expand the pharmacy into the retail of the store to give more room for the pharmacists.

Covid Box Installs – Groom installed lab-created boxes used to hold self-conducted covid tests until they are emptied by the testing lab. Groom completed 983 Installs in MA, ME, NH, CT, NY, NJ, VA, PA, MD, RI, WV, and DE.

Smile Direct Reset – 62 locations completed. The scope involved: disconnection of electrical prior to Smile Direct removing their units within the store. Groom then patched and painted the walls and redid all the flooring.

Refresh Rollout – 24 locations completed. The scope involved: new paint and signage throughout the store, which included pin letters, aisle markers, and ADA signage. Groom installed new bathroom fixtures and new flooring in the restrooms and pharmacy, as well as demoed walls in the RX waiting area, then patched and painted to match the retail area of the store.

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LOCATION: Nationwide