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Corporate Office – Naples, FL

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Our number one priority.


our number one priority

Groom’s commitment to safety is a fundamental part of our mission. We care for the lives of our workers, subcontractors, clients, and all who visit our job sites. We pledge to work safely at all times while ensuring a minimal impact on the environment.

We believe in fostering a culture of safety at Groom Construction. From senior leaders to our field personnel, safety, and compassion for one another is a core value shared by everyone. Our people are our most important asset, and we take every step to prioritize them and their wellbeing.

project safety

Groom Construction’s safety and health program is based on a proactive approach to preventing injuries and accidents. We place an emphasis on consistently auditing our jobsites, actively correcting unsafe conditions, and integrating safety into our pre-construction planning processes. We protect our workers by implementing effective controls and striving to achieve industry best practice standards in construction safety and health.

We believe that continuously improving and fortifying our safety and health program is essential to reducing injuries and illnesses while providing the safest environment that we can for our workers and subcontractors. We have renewed our focus on creating strong reporting and tracking systems and employing key safety metrics in our decision-making process.

We place an emphasis on ensuring that our workers and superintendents have the tools and training that they need to perform the job safely. All field workers at Groom receive OSHA 10 certifications, and all Groom Superintendents are OSHA 30 certified. With the introduction of training and communications committees we hope to expand our training and continuing education programs, with opportunities for our workforce to advance towards their career goals, and to improve their understanding of workplace health and safety.

subcontractor management

Our subcontractors are vital to the success of our projects, and we are committed to working and coordinating with them to ensure that all parties on our jobsites can work smoothly together without creating unsafe conditions. By closely collaborating with subcontractor project management teams and jobsite foremen, we are able to effectively control hazards that arise through the scope of work. We prioritize subcontractors with strong records of producing quality work while maintaining safe work environments.